Tina Louise wins another

Tina Louise Barr won the All-Category Grand Prize at the 2012 Columbia Fiddle and Banjo Contest in the historic town of Columbia, CA. The Grand Prize was a quarter-ounce gold nugget, reminiscent of the Gold Rush Era.

In the first round of the contest, Tina Louise won First Place in the Miscellaneous category, and then she won the following play-off round among the First Place winners of each of the six categories (Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal, and Miscellaneous).

Tina played solo autoharp in the contest. There were 48 contestants. Because the word banjo was incorrectly spelled as "Bango" on T-shirts the first year of the contest in 1983, the name "Fiddle and Bango Contest" was kept on the logo just for fun.

This is Tina's third time in winning the gold Grand Prize in Columbia since attending the first event in 1983.
Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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