Looking Back and Forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Here we are at the end of another year and, like a lot of others, we're saying “where did it go?”

2012 was a very good year in a lot of respects for Prescription Bluegrass. We've seen a lot of growth in some of the areas where we had planned for it as well as in some new areas that, quite frankly, caught us a bit by surprise. But it's all for the good.

Our Prescription Bluegrass Radio show added two new sponsors and we gained some new affiliate radio stations to add to the list of “Clinics Dispensing 100% Pure Prescription Bluegrass”.

Our Prescription Bluegrass Blog and Website – The Prescription Bluegrass General Store and Front Porch Psychological Therapy Center – underwent some radical remodeling, new construction and the cyber-equivalent of “Plastic Surgery.” And we began a brand new feature called “Who Reads Prescription Bluegrass” after hearing some – and many – wonderful comments about our news Blog and newsletter from several very respected people in our bluegrass community.

W.J. Hallock and Dan King are busy working on new ways to review more CDs and we're openly scouting for more reviewers to add to our stable. Our reporting staff has now increased by two photographers and we've published some of their outstanding photos from festivals and benefits which have been met with great reviews by readers.

Welcome to Laura Tate Ridge and Shelley Kilgore. If you haven't seen their work yet, I urge you to look it up. Shelley has even tried her had at interviewing and writing and has posted an astounding top-notch report on west-coast entertainment mogul Bob Stane and his Coffee Gallery Backstage venue.

Looking back at what people are actually reading gives us another surprise too. Again, like last year, the most read story of the year as well as the history of the blog are one in the same. The story is the very same story we reported as number one last year. After all this time, the eulogy written by Dry Branch Fire Squad's Ron Thomason about Hazel Dickens after her passing remains the substance of which readers just can't get enough. We published that piece in April of 2011 and still no other story comes close to it in the number of readers it generates. Some 20 months later brand new readers are still finding it every single day. That is a powerful testament to the great lady that Hazel was.

This month we began another brand new feature that gave us a fantastic transition into “Looking Forward” to next year: RPR Media's Senior Publicist, Brandy Reed's post on 10 key Points Every Band Should Know about Promotion has gotten such great response that not only has Brandy promised to write more, but we've also contacted a few others who have volunteered to lend their expertise in order to provide some guidance to any and all who need it and want it. Be sure to keep reading because we can't reveal all of their identities just yet but we're confident you'll be pleased.

Long time professional photographer and bluegrass musician Jan Hudson will contribute some tips on how to get the best shots for anyone attempting to do their own publicity photos.

We're more than pleased to announce that Dr. Banjo, Pete Wernick of Hot Rize and Dr. Banjo's Jam Camps will lend some sage wisdom on jamming. Pete says, “...I'm on a crusade for bluegrass teachers to 'teach jam skills first' and facilitate getting their students to jam. People who just got new instruments for presents should learn to jam first.” Watch for Pete's weekly tips and more in-depth articles on a monthly basis.

And all of this is just going to be the start of 2013. Wait till you see what comes next! I hope you'll be watching, and reading and listening.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year and please drive carefully. See you next year!
Have A Great Week!
Brian McNeal
Prescription Bluegrass
Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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