Beginning BG Guitar

This workshop is directed at those folks who already know basic finger positions for the chords in the keys of G and C.

Perhaps you have just started playing the guitar, or perhaps you are new to bluegrass, and you want to learn some of its quirks and techniques.

Maybe you are a little intimidated when you approach a jam. Some of the things we will cover should help you gain the confidence to jump in and play along in a jam setting. Written materials will be provided.

Bring your guitar, and let’s have some fun!

The workshop will cover:

The basic “boom-chuck” method of rhythm guitar.

Left hand pressure, and right hand volume.

Demonstrate and practice some basic “walks” and “runs.”

The so called “Bluegrass G,” “G7” and “C.” How and when to use it.

The chord numbering system, and why it’s important.

Using a capo to play in any key.

Review some essential equipment and accessories for anyone’s ditty bag.

Learn some simple scale exercises to introduce you to flat picking.

Answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet.

How to become comfortable in a jam situation and have more fun.

A short list of resources for information and skill development.
Posted By:  Rick Cornish

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