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    My new “pick” is an old one that I just got re-acquainted with a few days ago. I had forgotten how useful it is. It is Metronome On Line and it is truly a “Musician’s Resource”. Try it and see for yourself. I have a small metronome and small is handy because it will fit in my case. But unless it is on the right soundboard surface, it is severely limited in volume. A lot of my “practicing” is at home in the same room as the computer so it is handy to use Metronome On Line. The best part of Metronome On Line (in addition to being free) is that I can make the volume as loud as it needs to be. It is easy to set or change the speed and easy to stop while you try to figure out that next section of music. Then you can work on that section starting as slow as you need and work it until you can do it up to the same speed as you already have gotten the other sections to. It also has an A=440 pitch tone which I seldom use since we all know that banjos don’t need tuning. But you might find that useful also. Try Metronome On Line. I think you’ll like it.

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