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Dix Bruce 
Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, Old Time (see profile)
City: Concord/Oakland
County: Contra Costa/Alameda
Phone: (925) 827 9311
E-Mail: Dix@musixnow.com
Web Site: http://www.musixnow.com
Dix teaches mandolin, both flatpicking and fingerpicking guitar and also bass guitar. Dix is a musician, composer, and writer and award winning guitarist. He has written over thirty five music instruction books and recorded four instructional videos, all detailed on his website.

Dix has been teaching music to students of all ages and styles since the early 1970's in groups and in private lessons. He has taught several adult workshops in music theory, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and country at music camps including The California Coast Music Camp, The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, and The Acoustic Guitar Festival. He is a guest lecturer in music history at local junior colleges.

Dixís philosophy of teaching is to guide the student to discovering the joy of music. Learning, as much as possible, is determined by the studentís own goals, interests, and pace. Dix works to get each student up and playing songs as quickly as possible. Dix uses bluegrass and old time songs and tunes to teach the rudiments of guitar and mandolin. As student progress to leads, they'll learn classic material from the genre to prepare them to play in groups and eventually perform. Guitarists & mandolinists first learn chords and basic backup then move on to solos, leads, instrumentals and fiddle tunes.

Beginning students on guitar, mandolin, and bass, learn instrument basics and then move on to specific styles. Dix uses materials from his many books and recordings including BackUP TRAX Old Time and Fiddle Tunes, BackUP TRAX: Swing & Jazz, How to Use the Capo, Great Mandolin Pickin' Tunes, String Band Classics for Mandolin, String Band Classics for Guitar, You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar, You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin, and more, tailoring the instruction to the individual studentís needs.

Dix performs and tours in a duo with guitarist Jim Nunally. They have recorded four CDs of traditional American music and their own original music.

Dix can also be reached by mail at c/0 Musix, PO Box 231005, pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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